William Tate, Sr.
Believe-Wiki William-Tate-Sr 01
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
Status Alive
Family & Friends
Family Bo Adams (granddaughter)
William Tate, Jr. (son)
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Retired
Other Information
Aliases Bruiser, Big Bruiser
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode "Sinking"
Last episode "Sinking"

William Tate, Sr. is the father of main character William Tate, Jr., and grandfather of focal character Bo Adams.


"Bruiser" was a boxer in his heyday, and presumably an alcoholic in the years that followed - including Tate's childhood. He taught his son to fight, however Tate's take on this is that his father simply hit him.

Abilities & Talents Edit

  • Boxing

Season 1Edit


Tate is greeted by his father with a shotgun - though it was unloaded - and their tumultuous relationship is summed up in this unwelcoming reception. Tate Sr. explains that his life has been "hell" since Tate was convicted of murder, gives up the location of Pat and Tate's former crew's hangout.

Tate Sr. later covers for Tate when agents come looking for him, and brings Tate, Bo, Winter, and Channing to a safe temporary hideout in the form of a boxing gym.

He expresses concern for Tate's well being when they learn he is in danger, sorrow when they think he has been killed, and joy/relief when he returns unharmed. In a heartfelt moment, Tate Sr. extends an "olive branch" to his son in the form of a handshake, and says "Maybe we can do better, Billy."


William Tate, JrEdit

Tate is (obviously, by his name) Tate Sr.'s son. Their relationship has always been a rocky one, and this dynamic was further stressed by Tate's murder conviction as the locals began to look down on Tate Sr. for it. In Sinking, their issues are somewhat resolved after Tate Sr. sees that his son has changed, for the better. They part ways on good terms with the agreement that they "can do better."

Bo AdamsEdit

Bo is Tate Sr's granddaughter, a fact revealed to Tate Jr. in "Sinking" and revealed to Bo in "Bang and Blame" during her self inflicted coma. It is unknown whether Tate Sr. was told about Bo, though it is unlikely as the fewer who know, the better where Bo's safety is concerned. Interestingly, Tate Sr. immediately suspects that Bo is his granddaughter upon first seeing her - though Channing denies it.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "If you wanted to get dead, you should have stayed on death row."
  • "I want nothing to do with this, or my son."
  • (of Bo & Tate) "She his kid?"
  • "Maybe we can do better, Billy."

Image GalleryEdit

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