Roman Skouras
General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Status Alive
Family & Friends
Enemies Winter, Channing, Tate
Employment Information
Employees Moore
Other Information
Strengths Wealth/resources
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode "Pilot"
Portrayer Kyle MacLachlan
Roman Skouras is the main antagonist in the NBC series Believe.

Background Edit

Dr. Roman Skouras is world-famous geneticist, founder and head of Skouras Worldwide; and who personally runs the Orchestra Project - a government sanctioned program designed to weaponize individuals with psychic abilities. Skouras is Winter's old partner, now mortal enemy.

Skouras is a very powerful man working in cooperation with high-level government elements to locate Tate and recover Bo unharmed. He subsequently employs assassins, hires mercenaries and uses every resource at his command to recover the gifted prodigy and return her home to Orchestra. He claims he is only acting to protect Bo and offer proper guidance as a gifted telekinetic and psychic, but in truth he wants to market Bo's abilities as a weapon to the military. His nefarious schemes cost him his partnership with Winter who, with his team, broke ranks and fled with Bo, as Skouras's goals would endanger her.

Skouras's questionable experimentation methods (which are caused by pressure from the military - who are putting him under increasing pressure to deliver a telepathic assassin as he had promised originally) lead his other researchers to doubt his intentions, but improvements in his other telepathic subjects, which he uses to further his objectives for Bo.

Relationships Edit

Milton Winter and his team used to work beside Skouras and the Orchestra Project, and Winter raised Bo Adams in the facility from infancy. At some point in the process, Winter and his entire team defected from Orchestra, took Bo, and went on the run. Winter is now enemies with Skouras.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"You'll have your weapon...soon."

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